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Barbaros took his first steps in DJing in the late eighties. Initially influenced by hip hop & breakbeat, and later on, taking inspiration from slightly darker sounding industrial & new wave acts, such as Front 242, Depeche Mode or New Order.

Since then Barbaros has been busy travelling the globe to presents his unmistakable DJ sets & productions: His very own, carefully curated trademark mix of styles & genres, which boldly defies any perceived musical boundaries.

The main foundation of Barbaros' unique soundscape is Deep & Progressive Trance/House, combined with a strong dose of darker electro, tribal & Tech House vibes.

Over the years Barbaros has collaborated with an array of artists, ranging from Bodo Felusch over DJ Taucher, to Claus Pieper aka GENLOG, Ulli Poepellbaum aka Spacekid, Markus Wesen aka ALIEN, and many more. 

“Secrets of Loneliness”, “Captive Child”, “Forever”, “Green Room”, “My Pain” are some of the titles and remixes which quickly found their way into DJ Sets all around the world.

Barbaros: Artists
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