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Meet Roman Groschen, the talented and enigmatic Acid/Techno producer hailing from Cologne, Germany. Roman's music style is truly unique, combining gnarly synths, raw basses, acid bleeps, and sequential beats, with unexpected mood changes, resulting in an ever-evolving and captivating sound. Roman's journey began in 1989 with an Amiga Computer and later experimented with FM Synthesis and drum machines. Over the years, he initiated numerous Acid House projects, constantly reinventing himself and evolving his sound. More recently, Roman received critical acclaim for his Minimahl EP released on Noreira Records, featuring deep-techno-inspired tracks that also showcase his playful side.

Currently, Roman creates exclusively with hardware instruments, proudly crafting his live sets and productions without the use of a computer. His arsenal includes machines like Microsampler, TR-8, iPad, Korg Monotribe, TT-303, and a bunch of Korg Volcas.

By combining his constant curiosity with a down-to-earth approach, Roman Groschen continues to push the boundaries, enthralling audiences worldwide with his uncompromising sound.

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