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Daniel Kaltofen's connection with music began at a tender age. It was only at the age of eight that he began playing the piano, and it wasn't long until he was already composing his own pieces, leaning towards a soundtrack direction.

In 1994, Daniel had his first encounter with electronic music, becoming captivated by DJs like Westbam and Carl Cox. A pivotal moment arrived when he acquired his first set of turntables, setting him on an unwavering path. His ultimate goal was to produce and perform his own tracks, and he took his first steps with the software Cubase, discovering a unique blend of electronic music and soundtracks that still echoes in his works today.

Driven by a strong desire to share his music and captivate audiences, Daniel transitioned from the studio to the club scene. He began his journey at the Apollo Club in Cologne, warming up the dancefloors. Soon, he found himself gracing renowned venues such as E-Feld, Kantine, and various clubs in Göttingen, firmly establishing himself as a talented DJ.

As a resident DJ, he commenced his summer performances at the Strandperle (Bleibtreusee) in 2011, delighting crowds with his infectious beats. Amidst his DJ career, Daniel remained steadfast in his production endeavors.

In 2016, he signed with Noreira Records, releasing his first remix for Barbaros. The journey continued with original singles like Tayoe and Pointbreak, and in 2017, the birth of the collective Zwei K. alongside Philipp Konnert, further fueled his artistic exploration.

Daniel Kaltofen's passion for music knows no bounds, and his enchanting fusion of cinematic and electronic elements continues to captivate listeners worldwide.

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