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Bodo Felusch is a DJ, producer, and sound engineer who lives and breathes vinyl. Influenced by Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Funk, he eventually found his passion for electronic music, seeking more excitement than his first drum kit could ever offer.

In 1993, he set the dancefloor ablaze at the legendary Space Club and Warehouse Parties in Cologne, earning recognition as DJ Silver in the early local scene. Residencies followed, including the renowned Slam Club in Bonn, where Felusch played marathon 8-hour sets and warmed up for luminaries like Tony Humphries and Jeff Mills.

However, fate dealt him a harsh blow with a herniated disc in 1996, leading him to prioritize recovery and learn the craft of a sound engineer. During this period, he dabbled in music production for friends but remained focused on his engineering career in the event industry.

In 2003, his first release emerged on Underworld Recordings, produced for his old friend and fellow DJ, Dee-La. This marked the beginning of further releases on respected labels like Earregular Recordings and Three Elements Recordings. Collaborating as The Real Deel, Dee-La & Felush landed a prestigious release on the globally acclaimed label Sounds Good Recordings.

A passionate advocate of indie labels, Bodo Felusch also founded his own label, Unvirtual Music, in 2005 - a label that puts music and artists at the forefront, garnering attention both in his native country, as well as in England, America, and Canada, further defining his unique position the electronic music realm.

Bodo's musical journey is as diverse and ever-evolving as the vinyl he collects, infusing hypnotic elements into his sets from a range of genres, including Tech, Prog, Deep House, and Tribal. A passionate advocate of indie labels, he places music and artists at the forefront, defining his unique place in the electronic music realm.

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