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Cologne-based producer and DJ Barbaros made his breakthrough in 2001 with his debut dancefloor smash Secrets of Loneliness.

As a teenager, Barbaros was heavily influenced by Hip Hop and Breakbeat, and - it wasn't long until he was also introduced to electronic music through artists such as Depeche Mode and Front 242.

Throughout his journey, Barbaros has been a driving force in the Deep Tech & House scene, featuring on renowned compilations by Kontor and Café del Mar. His original productions, such as Stockholm, The Carmel, and Ghosts from the Past, have also earned him recognition by various major labels.

Aside from playing long-term residencies at various German clubs, Barbaros has also graced international stages in Argentina, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, and the USA. Through his sensitive curation and uplifting track selections, he's been able to inspire crowds at numerous major events, including Nature One, Atmospherica, and Ruhr in Love.

Besides his captivating performances, Barbaros also hosts a monthly radio show on Evosonic Radio called Differences. After having co-founded Three Elements Records in 2003, he later decided to start his own label, Noreira Records, in 2011. Noreira Records was founded by Barbaros as a way to counter fleeting trends and the commercialization of club culture.

Having come a long way, the label has since then evolved into a fascinating microcosm of deep and soulful electronic music, featuring an inspired roster of up-and-coming artists such as Daniel Kaltofen, Kai Krüger, Tomtron, Zwei K., and many others.

For Barbaros, the heart of Noreira Records lies in its close-knit community of passionate artists and music enthusiasts, fostering an environment where creativity and authenticity flourish.

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